New Disney Princesses

Funko continues their royalty line by bringing us some new Disney princess variants in both pop and pop key chain form. This time around we get Mulan, Merida from Tangled, Princess Jasmine and for Maleficent fans 3 new versions of Princess Aurora. Be on the lookout for these amazing new pops this September!!

Disneyland Exclusive Abominable Snowman Pop

Funko continues to drop awesome collaborations with their Disney Park Exclusive figures and this one is no different! The latest figure features the fearsome but lovable Abominable Snowman from Disneyland’s Big Matterhorn Bobsled Ride. As you can see this pop is amazing, from it’s glowing red eyes to it ferocious grin, this pop is a … More Disneyland Exclusive Abominable Snowman Pop

Disney Treasure’s Next Theme Revealed (Spoilers too)

Earlier this year, Funko debuted it’s new subscription box as a partnership with Disney aptly titled Disney Treasures. The current box available to order is titled Haunted Forest. Very ominous but definitely interesting. In keeping with the trend of making the box semi-mystery and to entice new orders, Funko has shared one of the box … More Disney Treasure’s Next Theme Revealed (Spoilers too)

SDCC Disney Wave

Wednesday Funko unveiled probably it’s most buzzed about SDCC wave of exclusives. This wave was Disney themed and boy was it a whopper. Many people are looking at the numbered exclusives which include a GITD Jolly Roger variant at 1000pcs and Mr Toad at 1500pcs. Some other standouts include a new mold flocked Tigger pop … More SDCC Disney Wave