Parks and Recreation, Bob Ross POPS coming soon.

Fans of 2 beloved shows will have more to be happy about as Funko has unveiled the glam shots for the Parks and Recreation line of figures as well as television painting icon Bob Ross.

First off we have all the fan faves from Parks and Rec looking spectacular in POP form. Wave 1 includes government-hating Ron Swanson, over-achieving Leslie Knope, future guardian of the galaxy Andy Dwyer, Pawnee’s famous miniature horse Li’l Sebastian, and the sarcastic April Ludgate. Also included Hot Topic store exclusive Bert Macklin.

Lookout for these figures at retailers this July.

Anyone who’s ever watched PBS in the mid 80’s definitely caught an episode of the Joy of Painting with host Bob Ross. While most of us could still never figure out how he made those squiggly paint strokes look like mountains and trees, we loved watching him.

Now you can add him to your favorite art display as Bob Ross gets a much deserved POP treatment. Sporting his signature afro and paint palette, this POP will make you want to fire up netflix and watch him create magical art work in under an hour.

Bring Bob home this August.



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