ECCC 2017 Funko Exclusives

Once again we’re at the beginning of convention season and to kick things off we have Emerald City Comic Con. Funko has revealed 2 waves of exclusives that can be had at the con and will also be some shared exclusives. From Hikari to Dorbz Rides this years exclusives look all the way awesome.

Some highlights include the Creeper, El Diablo, Superhero Kermit and Michigan J Frog. See pics below and remember ECCC is March 2-5 in Seattle, WA. Also remember to visit the ECCC website to enter the Funko lottery for a chance to purchase all the exclusives you see below.


12324_powerrangers_megazord_hikari_glam_hirez_large 12534_muppets_superherokermit_pop_glam_hirez_large 12568_looneytunes_michiganjfrog_pop_glam_hires_large 12596_hb_greatgazoo_flinestones_dorbzride_eccc_glam_large 12597_hongkong_popride_glam_hires_large 12598_hb_dynomutt_pop_glam_hirez_large 12600_peanuts_ppatty_pop_glam_eccc_hires_large 12601_hannabarbera_sd_thecreeper_pop_glam_eccc_hires_large 12602_funko_eldiablo_pop_glam_hires_large 12603_sp_carlosdinoguappo_3pack_dorbz_glam_hires_large 12605_funko_tbonepop_glam_hires_large 12606_freddyfunko_seattlefreddy_dorbz_glam_hires_large 12908_sw_muftak_pop_hirez_large 13027_marvel_captainamericawwii_pop_hirez_large 13154_eccc_crusader_pop_glam_hires_large 13213_dc_classicgreenarrow_blackcanary_2pack_dorbz_springc_glam_hires_large 13436_ram_rick_summer_2pack_glam_hires_large 13540_eccc_overwatch_pharah_glam_hires_6b807e2f-91e1-44f0-8ff7-6e259c1e260e_large 13541_hb_bluefalcon_pop_glam_hirez_large 13715_st_barbeleven_upsidedown_glam_hires_large




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