It’s Morphin’ Time!!! New MMPR Pops and Dorbz!

Earlier this year, Funko finished off the MMPR line by finally giving us the Green, Yellow, Blue and Black Rangers. In addition Green, Blue and Yellow were given metallic variants exclusive to certain retail partners.

Well the Power Ranger Funko train continues full steam ahead. Announced at Morphin Con, the original 3 rangers released (Red, White, Pink) will be getting a re-issue in an new action pose mold. Also Alpha 5 will get a Pop release and in addition to pops, Dorbz with chase and store exclusive variants. The new Red and Pink ranger will get metallic Hot topic exclusive releases.

Look for pops to hit retailers this December while Dorbz come in January.

1 2

3 4


jpeg-1 jpeg-2 jpeg-3 jpeg-4 jpeg-5 jpeg-6 jpeg-7 jpeg-8 jpeg-9 jpeg


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