Lost Pop’s Coming Soon

The critically-acclaimed TV show Lost is coming soon from Funko! This series features surviving passengers of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and John Locke! You can also collect other island-dwellers Jacob and the Man in Black! Collect them all this winter! Coming in February!  

Funko Shop 12 days of X-mas

Day 1: Santa Stitch Dorbz (10,000 Pieces) http://www.funko-shop.com/collections/collectibles/products/dorbz-christmas-stitch   Day 2: Flocked SuperGrover (5000 Pieces) http://www.funko-shop.com/collections/collectibles/products/pop-sesame-street-super-grover-flocked   Days 3: Holiday Freddy Pop (5000 Pieces) http://www.funko-shop.com/collections/collectibles/products/pop-holiday-freddy-funko   Day 4: Holiday Batman Dorbz (6000 Pieces) http://www.funko-shop.com/collections/collectibles/products/dorbz-holiday-batman   Day 5: Gamma Ray Superhero Freddy (5000 Pieces) http://www.funko-shop.com/collections/collectibles/products/pop-green-gamma-glow-super-freddy-funko   Day 6: Artist Contest Winner Freddy Hikari (4500 Pieces) http://www.funko-shop.com/collections/collectibles/products/vinyl-figure-freddy-botMore Funko Shop 12 days of X-mas