Toy Tokyo Exclusives & Star Wars Rebels POPS

Yesterday Toy Tokyo dropped 2 big bombs on the Funko community by showcasing what they will have available at NYCC next week and boy its a whopper. We all knew they would have the metallic Green Ranger but the other items announced floored us. See below:


Wow just wow. In addition to the green ranger, Toy Tokyo will give us Darkest Night Batman, glitter Space Ghost, Thunder Beam Mega Man and a GITD Wolfman!!! Toy Tokyo also gets in on Dorbz action as well by offering a cool 3 pack and Dorbz ride below:


After these classic ad icons got the pop treatment awhile back, they now get the Dorbz treatment! And boy do they look good!

All of these will be available at the Toy Tokyo booth at NYCC and make sure you follow Toy Tokyo’s instagram / twitter for more info on availability outside of NYCC.


Here are the glam shots of the Rebels pops from the smugglers bounty posting.

r1 r2 r3 r4 r5 r6

Store Exclusives:

r7 sabine





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