Animetasia Vegeta Exclusive

If you’re in SoCal then you’ve not only heard of Frank & Son’s collectible show but have probably been there at least once if not numerous times. As such you’ve more than likely stopped in to Animetasia over on row 100.

So it’s no surprise that one of Los Angeles’ most popular Funko shop/ vendor’s is again bringing you another hot Funko collaboration.

Coming off the heels of this year’s Anime Expo Metallic Voltron exclusive, Animetasia takes a crack at the DragonBall Z line by bringing us a Super Saiyan Vegeta exclusive.


Sporting a new “action pose” mold and the traditional blonde SS hair, this pop is a definite must have for any DBZ fan.

Per Animetasia this should release by October 2016.

Currently pre-orders are sold out on Animetasia’s site but per their Instagram they’ve stated they will be adding more later today so keep checking their site


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