Stranger Things Eleven POP! concept

Yesterday on Funko’s twitter (@originalfunko) they tweeted out a pic of a POP! figure modeled after the character Eleven from the netflix original series Stranger Things.


Stranger Things is a runaway hit show on netflix about a group of kids who have a friend go missing and in turn run into a strange girl named Eleven that has big secrets.

The concept mold has Eleven in her “average kid disguise” and includes her clutching her favorite food, Eggo waffles.

Based on this concept art mold, the pop would be amazing. Given the fact that Funko has gone out of their way to create and post this, it’s safe to say they might be working feverishly to get the licensing. Hopefully it pans out because Stranger Things has a great cast of characters that would make for an awesome POP! set.


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