Popcultcha Restrictions

Many pop collectors know that if you by chance miss out or have a hard time finding that one in-store POP! exclusive, you can always find solace in ordering it from Popcultcha.

Based out of Australia, Popcultcha is the biggest provider of all things Funko to collectors around the globe. While Funko provides stores such as Hot Topic, Gamestop and Target their own stickered exclusives here in the US, these same exclusives are made available sans the sticker to the rest of the world via Popcultcha.

As such many US POP! collectors who didn’t mind not having the exclusive store sticker would order from PC when availability for certain exclusives became hard to come by outside of the secondary market.

But it looks like this may be coming to an end as Popcultcha posted this message on their Facebook page today:


While it’s still unclear which specific items will be marked as Restricted Shipping, the most obvious choices that will be included are exclusives given to Hot Topic, Gamestop, Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble.

This may be hailed as a positive or a negative here in the states, depending on which side you sit on.

Collectors will praise this move as the store exclusives that gain popularity retain more of their value.

However those that are out of box or do not care for exclusive stickers, will feel this move will make it harder to obtain a POP! as more secondary market vendors will double their efforts to attain those exclusives from the stores.

What are your thoughts on this move by Funko?


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