Funko! Beckett Guide

Beckett Guide which is know for the voice of the collectibles industry from the time Dr. James Beckett published his first Sport Americana Baseball Card Price Guide book in 1979 to the launch of the first issue of Beckett Baseball magazine five years later. In the 30 years since that rather simplistic first issue of Beckett Baseball, the magazine – and the company itself – has grown in significant proportions, similar to the very field it covers.

Well looks like beckett is getting in to the Funko game and have created a Funko Beckett Guide.

Beckett Guide  out in Sept. for 4.99 digital

With Beckett coming out with a guide.

What do you think Pop Price Guide will do?

Will Funko acknowledge the Beckett has true guide for their products?

Will other online stores & retailers who sell old exclusives such as Gemini Collectibles, Toy Wars, and Fugitive Toys raise their prices via Beckett guide or PPG?

Will collectors use PPG or Beckett for sales & trades?

What will Funko groups via FB use beckett or ppg?

What are your thoughts on it? Will you be using Beckett, PPG, or both?

Which do you think will have a better grasp of the value of the funko Product?

We have to wait and see till September to how Beckett’s guide will fluctuate the Funko Collecting game.






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