Metal Diecast

What are METALS? METALS are die cast figures, vehicles and toys from Jada using high quality die cast parts. Why die cast? Well, there really is something different with die cast.

There is something very different and elegant about die cast. Heck, people have been playing die cast figures since Egyptian and Roman times. Die cast lasts. It has a quality, tactile feel and nostalgic connection that no other toy material has. Die Cast is in our toy DNA. When you hold a die cast figure in your hands you know you have something special. *not to mention die cast figures don’t fall over, even on carpet! (*not a legal claim!~) ;-P

Which really brings us back to Jada’s METALS line. There is a serious lack of quality die cast figures on shelf right now. And Jada is changing all of that. Our new METALS line is ready to take the world by storm and for the first time in pretty much the history of toys, one company will be producing quality die cast figures in multiple scales and styles across the entire world of pop culture!

What does that mean for you the collector? Time to clear off a shelf! Or maybe three or four. We will complete your collection and never leave you hanging. We get it. We are collector’s too after all. We all have limited collecting and display space. METALS is definitely “shelf worthy”!

METALS just launched this past spring with figures from some of the hottest pop culture movie, animation and TV properties. And that is just the start. Over 150 METALs figures are set to launch this year alone with over 20 brands.

Their flagship line of 4” die cast figures is set to be the hottest new toy of 2016. Feel one of these guys. Pick one up. There is weight to it. A LOT of weight. We talking 1/b lb. of die cast in your average 4” figure (yes some weight more, and some less, but on average, you are talking an appropriately heavy figure here!). Take the Jada METALS challenge. Can you pick up a 4” METALs figure and not say “wow”? Feel the difference. METALS are truly a toy that must be held to believe.


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